Do Tape In Extensions Damage Hair? Here Is The Answer!

do tape in extensions damage hair

You want long and luscious hair but growing your hair feels like forever? You’ve probably been thinking about getting hair extensions since switching up your hair to a longer and fuller style in no time is kinda fun, but are hair extensions actually healthy?

There are a few types of extensions you can get, such as clip-in extensions, which you can easily add to your hair and also remove whenever you want to or sewn-in extensions, which can last up to three months. But what about tape-ins? Do tape in extensions damage hair?

In this article, I am going to shed some light on this question.

What Are Tape-In Extensions?

do tape in extensions damage hair

Tape-in extensions or tape-ins are also known as pre-bonded or fusion extensions and very popular among girls and women. Hair stylists stick them to your hair by using a medical adhesive tape. It is usually recommended letting them grow out before removing them after 6 to 7 weeks.

Now the process of removing tape-in extensions might be a little discomforting as it includes removing the glued strip from your hair with a remover spray.

Sounds Good So Far – But What About The Side Effects?

do hair extensions cause hair loss

Unfortunately, the whole process of removing tape-in extensions from your hair is somewhat unhealthy as it is likely to cause hair breakage and makes your hair look frizzier and even thinner. Ouch!

So how come so many people keep using tape-in extensions when there are other ways of making your hair look long and luscious?

One of the main reasons is that tape-ins are cheaper than  other semi permanent types of extensions and also less cumbersome to handle. But one thing that can cause harm to your hair is the extra weight, which can strain the hair follicles, especially when left in over a long period of time or worn frequently.

This in turn can lead to a condition called “Traction alopecia”, which makes it so not worth it.

Are There Safe Alternatives To Tape-Ins?

hair extensions side effects

If you want to boost volume to your hair, there are definitely safer ways than using tape-in extensions. You might want to try a new haircut that can boost some volume to your hair or you can ask your hairdresser to use a special blow-drying technique.

Here is a list of techniques you can apply in order to fake fuller and bouncy hair:

  • Apply dry shampoo
  • Sleep in a bun
  • Change your part
  • Crimp your roots
  • Back-brush your hair
  • Blow-dry your hair upside down
  • Use a volumizing shampoo
  • Put in hot rollers
  • Use a root booster

If you want to add more length to your hair, using clip-in extensions might be the safer alternative for you, especially if you have thinning hair or hair loss. The only thing you should avoid is using them for a long time or frequently as this can cause hair damage as well.

Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Tape-Ins

the best advice for thinning hair

Here are some things you should ask yourself before you decide to use tape-in extensions:

1. Do I have healthy hair?

This is probably the most important question you should ask yourself as alopecia and thinning hair are not good preconditions for getting tape-in extensions as they can even worsen your symptoms.

Make sure to find a good hair stylist and ask him or her if there are any safer alternatives for your hair type.

2. Is It Worth The Weight?

Grab your hair, start pulling on it and keep the tension on there. This is exactly what you will be experiencing for weeks on end.

The more weight you have pulling on your hair, the higher the chances of damaging your hair roots. This is bad for your skin, your roots and your scalp and can even cause traction alopecia in the worst case.

3. How Many Extensions Do I Need?

Probably fewer than you think! Quality over quantity. If you want to add more length, go for fewer wefts. If you want to add more body, go for shorter wefts added strategically in the right place.

The Bottom Line

do hair extensions cause hair loss

If you have thinning hair or hair loss, putting stress on your hair is the least thing you want to do. The best advice I can give you is not to strain your hair by overusing heat tools, harsh chemicals (e.g. hair dyes) or by wearing hair extensions frequently.

Just keep it simple and natural and give your hair a break. You’ll thank me later!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below and I will be more than happy to help you out!



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6 Replies to “Do Tape In Extensions Damage Hair? Here Is The Answer!”

  1. There are so many things when dealing with extensions, even dyes, etc. that I’ve heard are so damaging which is why I’m glad you shed some light on this topic. I appreciate that you took it a step further and offered solutions as well. I think anybody would benefit from weighing the points you mentioned even if they’re thinning or losing hair or not!

    1. Hi Ryan. Thank you, I’m always happy if I can open people’s eyes and help them take care of their own health. Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if someone is affected by hair loss or not because being informed about the side effects of using certain hair tools, extensions etc. helps being more careful about using them in order to prevent possible side effects. Thanks for chiming in. Have a nice day, Ruya 

  2. The best idea is to get advice from a hairdresser, though. Tape-in extensions are cheaper but you can’t sacrifice your health for beauty. After all, beauty comes after healthy. My sister has suffered from Traction Alopecia once and the experience was very bad. Luckily, she was given medication in time. Thank you so much for such a great article.

    1. Yes, getting advice from a hairdresser is probably the best thing to do before causing your hair any harm. Oh that’s awful.. I’m glad she was able to restore her hair since finding the right hair loss treatment sometimes takes a long time. You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article. Have a nice day, Ruya

  3. Great article with a lot of information I’ve been wondering about. I haven’t tried hair extensions yet, but I have often wondered about getting them, especially for those special occasions like wedding etc.  

    I actually have deceiving hair lol. When it’s curly, it looks really full and thick, but when it’s straight, it looks really flat and dull. I’ve been trying the dry upside down trick a little bit when I do blow dry my hair which does give it some volume (lots if I don’t straighten it).  

    I don’t blow dry/straighten that often to keep my hair and roots healthy but I do dye my roots every 4 weeks or so.  Do you have any tricks or tips on how to keep your hair looking great even with dying it?

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