Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive? The Truth Revealed

One of the first questions that pops into a man’s mind as soon as his hair starts thinning is “Am I still attractive to women?”. But does it really affect a woman’s attraction to a man when he is going bald? Do women find bald men attractive or are they more likely to fly the coop and never come back again?

Dear men, before you make a hasty judgment, let’s just take a look at the psychological aspect of going bald as a man and how it affects your female counterpart.

Why Our Society Is Obsessed With Looks

In a society where physical appearance is omnipresent and matters to people, it can be hard to deal with physical changes that don’t “fit” into stereotypes.

As we are constantly exposed to social media where we are systematically brainwashed by being told what is beautiful and not, it is kind of a big deal for most people to accept that the human body is subject to changes, especially if you have a low self-esteem.

Our looks can even determine our career (sad but true) and success to a certain degree. Even our personality traits are linked to our looks, that’s why tall or physically attractive people are regarded as being more successful in life (sigh).

Hair has always been associated with specific characteristics. Men with a lion’s mane, for instance, have traditionally been associated with characteristics such as strength or masculinity.

are men with long hair more attractive

And bald headed men? According to science, bald men are not only seen as strong and manly, but also as wiser, more intelligent and powerful!

is bald the new beautiful

BUT: Men with pattern baldness who have bald spots tend to be seen as less attractive. Interesting how a patch of hair seems to make such a big difference, isn’t it? Keep on reading, I have some good news for y’all.

Is Bald The New Beautiful?

We all know that there are several factors apart from looks that play an important role when it comes to the law of attraction. Of course every woman has a different taste in men, but if a man is charismatic, has a sense of humor and a great personality overall, he will have a higher chance of succeeding with women.

why bald men are better lovers

According to a study of the University of Pennsylvania, bald men have been found to be more dominant, attractive and confident.

Celebrities like Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bruce Willis or Jason Statham are proof enough that being bald can definitely be sexy. So how come these men are still attractive to most women, although they are bald? What do they have in common besides being bald? The answer is simple: They are confident, charismatic and don’t care about being bald.

do women find bald men attractive

Bald men who have overcome their fear of being rejected and are self-confident, who know that women care more about personality than looks (in the long run) will always be successful and get what they want, whereas men who have the looks are oftentimes so focused on their appearance that they tend to have more narcissistic attributes, which sometimes can leave a bad impression on women.

The Perks of Dating A Baldy

the perks of dating a baldy

As everything has its pros and cons, being a baldy has some interesting perks of which you have probably never thought of before.

1. Accentuated Features: Hair can sometimes be a real distraction by drawing the attention away from facial features. Therefore, being bald will make a woman notice your eyes at first, which offers the ideal prerequisites for making eye-contact with a woman.

2. Honesty: From a psychological point of view, bald men are perceived as being more honest, and, as we all know, honesty is one of the most important characteristics and key for a solid relationship.

3. More Self-Confidence: Although hair loss does affect your self-confidence at first, men who embrace their baldness can even become more confident than those with hair. Even science has proven that bald men are associated with confidence.

4. Bald Equals Strength: Bald men are seen as being more powerful, masculine, dominant and also stronger, which means shaving off your hair can potentially increase your leadership image.

5. Being Bald Makes You Appear More Intelligent: According to a study of the University of Saarland, women tend to perceive baldies as intelligent and wiser.

6. Increased Testosterone Levels: Did you know that baldness is linked to higher levels of testosterone? This is why Dihydrotestosterone, an enzyme that converts testosterone, is responsible for hair loss.

The Bald Facts

why bald men are more attractive
  • 95% of balding men have a male pattern baldness.
  • 25% of men start balding at age 30.
  • Bald men don’t have to spend money on hair styling products.
  • Being bald is a timeless look.
  • No hair means there is no need to worry about grooming your hair.
  • Men who start balding at an early age have a lower risk of getting prostate cancer.
  • High levels of testosterone can boost the metabolic process and help you get in shape.
  • As a baldy, you can wear any hat you like without looking bad.
  • You don’t have any hair to turn gray.
  • There is no need to worry about unbearably hot summer days.

The Bottom Line

the truth about bald men

As you can see, there are many benefits of being bald. If you are partially bald, shaving off your hair might be better than trying to hide the areas of sparse hair. Another option would be to try a topical solution like Rogaine, which is FDA-approved and can be very effective in treating hair loss.

If you don’t respond to any treatment, you will have to make peace with the inevitable sooner or later. It all comes down to your genetics as well as some other factors, but you can still try out different hair loss treatments.

Stop stigmatizing yourself and embrace your bald head. At the end of the day, no woman will ever fall in love with your hair, because your personality is all that matters.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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6 Replies to “Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive? The Truth Revealed”

  1. Hi Ruya
    I enjoyed every bit of this article, it was very enthralling! My opinion about baldness is that it’s very individual. Some men are just damned good-looking whether they are bald or not or young or not. At least part of the attractiveness of baldness has to do with having a nicely-shaped skull that has at least a little tan, seems to me.

    1. Hi Bibian, I’m happy that you enjoyed it. You are right, baldness is very individual. Some men are naturally bald and don’t like it and some just shave off all of their hair in order to feel more attractive. It all depends on personal preferences, but at the end of the day, being charismatic or attractive has nothing to do with looks but with personality. People oftentimes confuse this because social media makes them/us believe we are supposed to look a certain way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Cheers

  2. Wow! Just loved it and I agreed with Bibian that it’s very individual. Some men are so attractive that they look good in all kinds of styles, whether they are bald or not. Thanks for sharing this nice article with us. Hope we get more like this.

    1. Thank you Maria! Yeah it really depends.. Some men are lucky to do whatever they want and still look darn good. You’re very welcome and thank you for chiming in. Regards, Ruya

  3. My hubby has been going bald in the last 2 months. I was so shocked and tensed and I think that I’ve lost all my beauty. Never captured a couple photo that month. He tried to make me understand. But I was frustrated until
    he finally showed me your blog post and some videos on YouTube. Now I really feel lucky and it made my relationship just like it used to be before. Thanks, Ruya!

    1. Hi Jacqueline! 🙂 I’m really happy that my blogpost seems to have helped you guys understand each other more and connect on a much deeper level. I hope I will be able to spread more positivity around here 😊 Wish you both all the best, Ruya

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