Facial Hair Removal For Women – Methods That Actually Work

facial hair removal for women

While some people are struggling to grow their hair back on their scalp, most people, especially women, try to get rid of unwanted hair on other parts of the body, one of them being their face. Excessive hair growth on your face can either occur due to hormonal changes or due to your genetics.

In this article, I am going to list the most effective methods for facial hair removal for women.

1. Shaving

facial hair removal for women

Being the most conventional method for removing unwanted hair, it is probably not the #1 hair removal method for getting rid of unwanted hair permanently but certainly the easiest and fastest one.

If you want to remove hair from your upper lip, eyebrows, your chin or your cheeks, you can either use a disposable or an electric shaver.

However, this will make your face smooth and hairless for a maximum of three days until you have to reshave. The only inconvenient side effect of shaving are ingrown hairs, which develop when hair grows back into your skin. Luckily, they improve on their own within a few days.

Plus, your hair usually grows back thicker than before!

2. Waxing

waxing hair removal

Waxing is also a commonly used method to remove unwanted hair in your face. The most conventional way of waxing your face is probably using wax strips that have to be warmed between your hands before you can apply them. I always buy them at the drugstore.

Just make sure to buy wax strips that are particularly formulated for waxing your face.

You can also use wax that’s melted in a warmer before application. A wax warmer will heat the wax evenly and make it easier to have control over the temperature.

Not only will you have to buy a wax warmer but also plenty of waxing sticks. Make sure not to use each stick more than once as “double-dipping” can cause a skin infection.

It is recommended to do a patch test on your skin to see if you develop an allergic reaction.

3. Epilation

epilation hair removal

The best thing about epilation is that it can eliminate unwanted hair for up to four weeks. If you are tired of having to shave your facial hair every other day, epilation might be the better option.

Epilators work by grabbing multiple hairs all at once and removing them from the root, which is why it takes much longer for hair to grow back.

Epilating unwanted hair regularly can result in hairs growing back softer and also finer, which will make the strands become less noticeable. Epilators are available in different sizes and shapes, which makes them ideal for removing facial hair as well.

The whole process can be a little painful at first but you will get used to it pretty soon. In case your skin should be irritated, you can apply an ice cube in order to reduce inflammation or swelling.

4. Tweezing

how to remove facial hair

Tweezing works by plucking or pulling hair from the roots. Though it is an effective method for removing hair, the process itself can take much longer than some other hair removal methods as you can only pluck few hairs at the same time.

Tweezing is particularly used for shaping eyebrows and the results can last up to eight weeks.

Although tweezing is not that painful, it can cause slight discomfort. In case you should have an inflammation, grab an ice cube and rub it over your skin to reduce inflammation and redness.

5. Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Unlike the above mentioned hair removal methods, the results of a laser hair removal are much longer and can last up to six months. It works by using a laser that pulsates beams to damage hair follicles, which results in the loss of unwanted hair.

In some cases your hair never grows back once removed, but if it does, it may be finer than before.

Laser hair removal can also be performed on the face, such as your upper lip or chin. Instead of going to a doctor or spa multiple times to have a laser hair removal, which can be very expensive, you can also buy an at-home laser hair removal kit.

This will make you complete your hair removal treatments around your own schedule. However, try to avoid using your laser device on areas around your eyes.

6. Threading

threading hair removal

Threading is another method for removing unwanted hair, for instance on your chin or your upper lip. It can also be used for shaping your eyebrows. Threading works by pulling and twisting hair until they lift from the hair follicles. It is free from chemicals and hardly results in a skin reaction.

As this hair removal method requires expertise and special hair removal skills, it’s probably the best if you go to a cosmetologist. In case you should experience pain or a slight discomfort, ask your cosmetologist or esthetician to apply a warm compress or a numbing cream to your face afterwards.

7. Depilatory Creams

depilatory cream hair removal

Depilatory creams are cheaper than waxing and the results can last longer than shaving. They contain chemicals such as barium sulfide, titanium dioxide and sodium. Although these ingredients are generally safe, they may irritate the skin.

Therefore, you should do a patch test by applying a small amount of cream to your skin.

If your skin doesn’t show signs of an allergic reaction such as bumps, itchiness or redness, you can apply the cream to your skin. But wait for at least 24 hours after the patch test before applying the cream to your skin.

Some depilatory creams are designed specifically for facial hair. Make sure to buy one of those.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are various effective methods for removing facial hair. Some are pain-free but temporary while others can cause some pain or discomfort but the results last much longer.

But overall, all of them have little to no side effects and make your skin smooth and hair free. Now get your hair out of your face!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to help you out!



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4 Replies to “Facial Hair Removal For Women – Methods That Actually Work”

  1. The one that I use the most is threading. With threading I think you can achieve better pinpoint accuracy. I’ve also used waxing in the past and think that the hairs do grow back after about four weeks, which I think is very beneficial in the summer months. I’ve never tried shaving though.. I think maybe it’s because shaving is rather a male preserve. But I have many friends who do shave their face. Men usually get the 5 o’clock shadow by evening time, but as you said for women the hair doesn’t come back till about three days later. I’ve never tried depilatory creams as I’ve heard some pretty nasty stuff about them. One of my friends tried it on his back and his back was burning up. I should really make him do a patch test on his interest to see if he would have an allergic reaction.

    1. Hi Jag! Threading is definitely an effective method for removing hair, especially for shaping your eyebrows. I only use wax strips for my face, which works perfectly. I would never shave my face though since this really is something only men should do because your hair grows back much thicker after shaving. 

      I was using depilatory creams for removing facial hair but I prefer using wax strips as hair takes much longer to grow afterwards. Oh dear.. unfortunately this happens way too often. This is why doing a patch test is inevitable. That way allergic reactions can be bypassed. All the best, Ruya

  2. There are so many methods to getting rid of unwanted hair. I have tried shaving, waxing, threading, an even epilation. I have to say that the one method that hurt the most was epilation. I had heard of epilation from social media and everyone said that it’s great and not painful. Boy, were they wrong. I only did it once because I could not take the pain. I even laughed because it was so painful lol. For my brows I like threading the most because it lasts longer on me and I like the shape that it gives. For my upper lip, I like using a razor. 


    1. Hi Victor! Indeed, there are. Epilation does really hurt in the beginning. It took me some time to get used to epilating my legs though I could never use an epilator for removing my facial hair. Not every hair removal method is suitable for every part of the body. Luckily, we get to choose from a large variety of hair removal methods and techniques so that we can pick the one that works best for us. Cheers, Ruya

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