Fall Hairstyles in 2018 – 15 Hair Inspo Ideas For This Season

fall hairstyles in 2018

Temperatures are coming down while brand new hairstyles are on the rise – thanks to this year’s fall runway shows and the red carpets!

In this article, I am going to inspire you with the most popular fall hairstyles in 2018, which eventually might make you want to switch up your hairstyle.

1. Center Part

center part hairstyle

This hairstyle is a simple and sophisticated look, which only requires a thin comb to get your hair perfectly straight.

2. Diva Curls

diva curls

To make this look perfect, keep the hair that is closest to your roots sleek to add volume to your mid-lengths and ends.

3. Sleek Ponytail

sleek ponytail

You can get this sleek ponytail updo by whipping your hair into a low ponytail, smoothing the top half and then pulling it back.

4. Messy Bun

messy bun

This wispy and messy bun, which happens to be Meghan Markle’s signature low-key updo, will make you feel royally elegant. Simply put hairspray on your hair before brushing it back into a bun. Pull a few hair strands out to create a wind-blown effect.

5. Headbands


If you want to add style to your fall ensemble, use a hair accessory like a headband to put your hair up.

6. Claw Clips

claw clips

Using a claw clip will not only create a natural look but also take you back to the ’80s.

7. Top Knots

top knots

Top knots are always on-trend but they will especially make a perfect addition to your cozy sweater.

8. Banana Buns

banana buns

This romantic hairstyle, which is a very popular hairstyle for weddings, will stick around through the whole fall season. To get this look, you will have to twist and pin up your hair.

9. Half-Up, Half-Down

half-up, half-down hair

This half-updo will highlight your face and keep pesky little hair strands away from your face, especially during windy weather conditions.

10. Braided Crowns

braided crowns

You can easily create this look by using two different braiding techniques, which start right at the crown and are pinned into place.

11. Bows

hair bows

Bows are the perfect hair accessory as they work with almost every hairstyle. You can wear bows if your hair is straight, curly or half-up. This will add some extra feminine flair to your look.

12. Oversized Braids

oversized braids

Oversized braids are perfect for the colder months. With a velvet ribbon, they will create an extra romantic look.

13. Slicked Back And Braided Ballerina Buns

braided bun

Braid your hair before twisting it into a bun.

14. Beach Waves

beach waves hair

This updo will bring back summer in no time. All you need are curling wands and a sea salt spray and you’re good to go.

15. Charcoal

charcoal hair

While light gray and silver hair have been huge hits on social media in the past, charcoal gray is the new trend now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below and I will be more than happy to help you out!



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12 Replies to “Fall Hairstyles in 2018 – 15 Hair Inspo Ideas For This Season”

  1. I want to say that I like this article primarily because my girlfriend looks what hairstyle she can make without much difficulties and I think that this is great topic about that. It is very nice when you see a girl or women with nice and modern hairstyle. My favorite is 11. Bows. It is very attractive.

    1. Thank you, Daniel! Absolutely, I love it when I see girls and women with a modern hairstyle. That’s so inspirational and makes me want to try it out myself. Bows are indeed very elegant and make a women look more attractive and feminine. Plus, it’s super easy to get this look! Cheers, Ruya

  2. Top knots and hair clips are my go-to in the winter months simply because I don’t want to get up extra early to worry about how I’m going to style my hair for the day. While I usually have to take hair clips out before bed, with top knots, I often find I’m able to avoid re-styling for an entire week! 

    1. This is exactly the reason why I prefer wearing buns or top knots as they are easy to style and also to maintain. I think both the hair clips hairstyles and the buns are ideal for the daily life whereas most of the other hairstyles are perfect for important events (e.g. wedding, dinner etc.). Cheers, Ruya

  3. I love having the option of trying different styles for my hair. I like the bun and the ponytail for everyday wear when you just want to put your hair up.  It’s nice to get it styled once in a while and have a different look. It’s great to have all kinds of style options for myself and my teen daughter.

    1. Hi Venus. I absolutely agree with you! It’s strange how much hairstyles can change. These hairstyles can spice up your daily life and all it takes are simple hair styling skills. Sometimes, wearing your hair the same way can get boring. This is why trying out different hairstyles can not only change your look but also your attitude. Cheers, Ruya

  4. My sister is a hair dresser and has been for 30 years. I showed her this article and she said many of these styles are actually come back styles that have been around before.

    They are very cool and nostalgic in the same breathe. This is a great article. You have given my nieces some ideas and at the end of the day maybe the older ladies in my life as well.

    1. Hi Dale. That’s so great to hear! Your sister is indeed right. This is very common in the fashion industry: many fashion trends, such as outfits, accessories, hairstyles etc. from the past make a comeback and become the next big thing. I really hope I’ll be able to inspire many people with these new hairstyles, they are definitely worth trying! All the best, Ruya

  5. Hi Ruya

    Its amazing what can be done with hair these days. Human creative talent never ceases to amaze me. It so cool to have visited a site like yours that is in keeping with the trends.

    I think my niece is really going to enjoy visiting your site.

    Keep up the great work

    1. Hi Roopesh! I know, right? These looks are really inspirational and don’t even require any special skills to create them. Thank you! I would be really happy if these hairstyles could be of any use for your niece. I hope she’ll like it and feel inspired! Regards, Ruya

  6. Diva Curls is my favorite one! This is such a great post because it gathers all the hairstyles that are currently popular. I think that my wife will appreciate this article because my daughter will love all these styles. She just started school and does cheerleader so she is always getting her hair done. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Victor! I also love this look, it’s so elegant and ideal for events like proms or weddings. Oh, that would be a great! I hope your wife and daughter will both benefit from this post. All the best, Ruya

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